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Happy, healthy Aussies raised in a family environment.

 At Aussomedog Kennel we:

  • Breed only standard sized Australian Shepherds (no other breeds or designers) as it is our desire to maintain the integrity of the original Australian Shepherd breed. (Please note that Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds are in a breed class of their own and not a sub-category of the Australian Shepherd. The same holds true for the American Shepherd.)
  • Offer a one year health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects
  • Ensure that our puppies are well socialized prior to placement
  • Ensure that our adult dogs are in optimal health prior to breeding by maintaining regular vet checks and keeping them up to date on all vaccinations, heartworm preventative medications, flea and tick medications, and daily vitamins
  • Will not breed an aggressive or overly timid dog as we would not want to pass on these traits to their offspring (Note: Aussies are fiercely loyal and are very protective of their owners. There is a difference between a dog that is being cautious and observant than one that is outright aggressive with no discrimination. See link about the guardian instinct
  • ENCOURAGE and invite you to come see us and our dogs prior to puppy placement

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