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A word from some of our Aussomedog family members❤️

Zeus is loving the ranch life!
Zeus is loving the ranch life!


 I have an Aussomedog and he is everything I wanted and expected! I have multiple dogs and horses and have learned over the years that buying the best genes will save you money in the long run. Zeus is smart, athletic and willing in every possible way. I have found that he has problem solving intelligence and the will to go with it. 
Erika runs a tight ship and all the puppies were in great shape when I picked him up. I’ll be ready for a female soon and will be coming right back to her for my next pup!  
Highest recommendation possible!

Sam S.

Millington, TN
Lady, out of Mystique and Thor cross.
Lady, out of Mystique and Thor cross.


I am so glad we bought our 3 month old puppy, Lady, from Erika at Aussomedog.  Purchasing a dog from a good breeder whose goal is to create a well-balanced dog makes all the difference in the world. 
My 3 month old puppy, Lady, is sweet, funny, outgoing, pretty, and smart.  The vet thinks she is a great dog, calm, curious, and friendly and has told me no less than 5 times that she should study to be a service dog.  What a compliment!
We took our second puppy training session at Petsmart and out trainer says she is the smartest dog she has trained and she already can do some items from the advanced class.  So far, our little miss can sit, stand, lay down, bow, touch,  paws up, leave it, stack, and walk on a leash, etc.  Before you think this pup isn't real, we are still learning how to take a bath without creating a monsoon in the bath tub ;).
 At any rate, if you are looking for an Aussie because you want to do rally, agility, service, or conformation it sure gives you leg up to start off with a well-balanced and well-socialized pup.

Christy K.

Vincent, AL

Watch for Sterling and her Aussomedog in the agility ring in 2020!
Watch for Sterling and her Aussomedog in the agility ring in 2020!


I had been searching for a puppy for going on three years when I found Aussomdog Kennel. I was specifically looking for a puppy to hang my agility hopes and dreams on ( I compete in dog agility). Copper is AMAZING! She is highly intelligent and hangs on to every little command. I couldn't be happier! When she is not training she is rolling around on the floor with my five little siblings. Erika was soooo helpful and answered every one of my gazillion questions. I could not be happier with her!

P.S. Be looking for Copper in the show ring in the summer of 2020! 
     Sterling .W 

    Springville, AL 

Follow Stan on Instagram as Instastan.the.aussie!
Follow Stan on Instagram as Instastan.the.aussie!


When I got Stan from AussomeDog Kennel two years ago, I knew I wanted an Australian Shepherd but I had no idea what I was getting into. 

I had no idea that he was going to be so smart that I would have to buy a pad lock for the crate. I had no idea he would have so much energy that he could hike for 26 miles in one day. I wasn’t prepared for how loyal he would be to me. Most importantly I was unaware of how much love I could have for a dog. 

You can get an Australian Shepherd at a thousand different places but here’s why you should get your next one (or first) from Erika and her family. The dogs are a part of their family, they’re taken care of and loved on, the family takes every step necessary (and unnecessary) to make sure that the new puppies are healthy and happy. They go into detail and make sure you’re prepared throughout the process, and even after you bring your puppy home Erika will check in and make sure everything is going well. 

I could go on and on about how thankful I am that I stumbled upon this family, and how perfect my dog is, but there aren’t enough words. Stan has been the perfect adventure dog, and companion and I can’t wait to bring another Aussie into the family one day with the help of AussomeDogs!

Frances G.

Chatanooga, TN
From hugs to hikes, Ross is a happy participant!
From hugs to hikes, Ross is a happy participant!


When I purchased my puppy from Aussomedog, I thought I was doing just that- purchasing a puppy. Little did I know I had just picked up my sidekick. He is THE BEST dog. Every day (maybe even every hour) that I see him, even if it’s just to leave the room and come back, it’s like he’s just seen me for the first time again. He even SMILES. He gives the best hugs and I come home to the warmest greetings and sweetest snuggles on the hardest of days. He loves people more than other dogs (that is not to say he doesn’t love dogs, just loves people that much more). I could not be happier or more in love with my faithful companion nearly 3 years later. Every day I spend with my pup is a day well  spent. I highly recommend getting a dog from Aussomedog. You might just leave with a new best friend.

McKenna S.

Decatur, AL

Percy is never shy on compliments!
Percy is never shy on compliments!


Finding Aussomedog Aussies absolutely changed my life for the better. Percy is an absolute heart throb. The dedication to this breed that Erika and her family have is so rare and comforting. It was such an easy process communicating with Erika; and it was so great getting updates from her as my puppy grew up in her home! 

The breed is a special one, and Aussomedog Aussies are even more special. Percy is highly intelligent, loyal, and well balanced with his energy. He is happy going for long play dates together but also happy just being my lap dog. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion for myself and my other Australian Shepherd. 

Madelynn M.

Huntsville, AL
Rowen at 7 months!
Rowen at 7 months!


An Australian Shepherd was my dream dog, I wanted one for years, but had to wait until the timing for taking on the responsibility was just right. I stumbled upon Aussomedog Kennel and reached out to Erika in 2017 to make a connection and let her know that, although now is not quite the right time, I would love for her to keep my information for the future when my husband and I were ready to bring a puppy home. Fast-forward to 2019 and we brought our sweet boy, Rowen, home in June.

Between 2017 and 2019, Erika reached out to inform me of every upcoming litter and was always so patient when I’d tell her, “We’ll have to pass on this one, but maybe we’ll be ready by the time the next litter arrives!” We picked out our beautiful red merle male on April 18th of 2019, which happens to be my birthday (talk about perfect timing). We received pictures and updates of Rowen every week until we picked him up. Erika was so responsive and happy to answer any questions throughout the entire process. When Rowen was four weeks old, we drove to Aussomedog Kennel to see him for the first time and meet Erika. She was more than happy to have us come visit and we got to see just how kind and wonderful the Kirkham family is. Those puppies are truly loved on the moment they are born up until they go home with you.

Rowen has been the biggest blessing, he makes both my husband and I so happy. He is unbelievably smart and keeps the two of us on our toes. Rowen loves a long walk, going to daycare, learning new tricks and snuggling up close when he is worn out from the day. I can’t walk him without multiple people stopping to pet him and tell me how beautiful he is. I may be partial, but he is the BEST dog and I will always be grateful to Aussomedog Kennel for giving me the perfect sidekick! 

Anna A.

Fairhope, AL

Marvin looking like a model 😎
Marvin looking like a model 😎


We got Marvin from Aussomedogs in 2018 after having no experience with Aussies before- just decided to give it a shot! He’s everything we wanted in a dog and more. He’s sweet, smart, and has a great temperament. He knew the “drop it” and “sit” commands before 9 weeks! He loves running, jumping, fetching, and playing more than anything in the world, but he’s also a great lap dog when we are relaxing at home. He’s also a great car dog- loves road trips and “navigating” for us. People comment on his “beautiful markings” every time we’re out and about. Erika was super helpful in educating us on how to care for Aussies in particular, and she was easy to contact when we had questions in the first few weeks. She also sent the best pictures/ videos of Marvin before he was old enough to go home. We will definitely be going back to aussomedogs for Marvin’s brother or sister! You can follow him at @marvelousmrmarvin on Instagram for more pictures!

-Jennifer and Mike 
Columbus, Ohio