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Meet our photographer!

Our Aussomedog photographer, Jenny Free
Our Aussomedog photographer, Jenny Free

Hello, Aussomedog family and visitors to our site! I want to introduce you to my dear friend, and Aussomedog’s very own photographer, Jenny Free. Jenny gives so much of herself to photograph our Aussomedog pups (and adults) all for puppy cuddles and a meal with a friend. Jenny was diagnosed with MS a few years ago after a slew of symptoms had begun cropping up over the years. It isn’t always easy to detect so, at times, she thought she was going crazy knowing something wasn’t right, yet being told all tests came back “normal”. Diagnosis was a relief (validation) yet came with the expected fears and concerns. In honor of my dear friend, I am posting this on my nursery page from here on out in order to allow my Aussomedog family to show appreciation for all of the great photos over the years.  If you feel so led,  please donate to support this cause that is so important to her. 
Thank you for considering a donation to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. 
Donations can be made by going to the link